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Gabe and Jerry's Most Excellent Adventure

Map of the Route

Getting Packed

It is Thursday, early morning, June 24, 1993.  Gabe and I are up at 1:30am for last minute packing in anticipation of our trip by the Alaska Marine Highway System Ferry, Matanuska from the Port of Juneau to the Port of Skagway.  We must catch the MGT bus in front of the Youth Hostel at 2:30am.  The Hostel is just down the street from my house in downtown Juneau.  It is drizzly, and we wonder how the weather will be on the trail.

Skagway will be our jumping off point for our hike up the Chilkoot Trail from the trailhead at Dyea, over the Chilkoot Pass to the White Pass and Yukon railhead at Lake Bennett..

The Ferry was late, but finally arrived at 4:00am.  Gabe is ready to haul a 30 lb pack 33 miles on foot from Dyea to Bennett..

This is metropolitan downtown Skagway.  Gabe and I walk around trying to figure out transportation to the trail head, and possible border crossing problems.  We look around town, but forget the main reason for walking around in the first place...  we need bug dope.