Jerry Smetzer's Web Site, Books and Travel Pix for Years 1993 through 2009

Travel and Life Years 1993 to 2009

Travel 1993 ---- Gabe and I hike the Chilkoot Pass from Skagway to Lake Bennet in the Yukon Territory, then, by way of the White Pass and Yukon RailRoad, back to Skagway.

Travel 1998 ---- Traveling in the bush among the distant villages that are the beating heart and soul of Alaska.

Travel 1999 ---- Traveling in Belize.

Travel 2000 ---- Traveling in Europe, North Africa and No. Weare, New Hampshire.

Travel 2001 ---- The Towns and waters of southeast Alaska; Biking in the Yukon Territory.

Travel 2002 ---- Working the king crab survey in Pybus Bay; traveling in North America.

Travel 2003 ---- Under Construction.

Travel 2004 ---- Belize, Bahamas, Tampa, Vancouver, Victoria

Travel 2005 ---- The Art and History Tour; Egypt, France, Italy, Greece, New York City, Vancouver, Victoria, BC.

Travel 2006 ---- Nick and Kristen get Married in Denver; beautiful place, beautiful weather, beautiful ceremony.

Travel 2007 ---- The 2 hour Herring Fishery Opening in Sitka Sound.

Travel 2008 ---- Under Construction.

Travel 2009 ---- Under Construction.