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Barcelona - Montjuic


I'm looking north out of a tiny cable car toward the Museu Nacional d 'Art de Catalunya in Placa Espanya.  The National Museum of Catalonian Art in the the Spanish Plaza ...I think.

Looking east from a tiny tram car rising up the mountainside to the MontJuic.  The Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) towers over the rest of the city.  The Sagrada Familia doesn't appear to be that tall when next to it.

On MontJuic looking east toward the Mediterranean.  This garden used to be a moat, I assume, because the arched bridge in the background in the distance has a drawbridge on it.  There is a ship in the distance approaching the port of Barcelona.

Looking south across the harbor toward the Mediterranean Sea from the former fort and castle - now a park - named MontJuic.  The cannon is impressive, but probably non-functional.

Looking down a typical, though more brightly lit, medieval street in the Barri Gotic.  This is the old city of Barcelona.

Looking up toward the sun from a church courtyard buried deep in the Barri Gotic.  The light is beautiful here, though with my limited ability with a camera, my attempt to capture the light became a little washed out at the top.

Looking up at a church tower for a cathedral buried deep in the Barri Gotic.  Note the Gargoyles.

Looking through the front window of our "Bus Turistic" at a fine traffic jam during evening rush hour in downtown Barcelona.